Measure Brightness of Light on Actor

Hey all,

I have a stealth game where I’m trying to measure the amount of light falling on to a character as it moves around a level. First thought was that there might be some sort of blueprint node that would measure this but I couldn’t find one. Second thought was to raycast to get distance from lights but that seems overly complicated and expensive. Other research seems to involve measuring a volumetric lightmap or doing pixel sampling with a 2D scene capture. Everything I’ve found doesn’t happen to have a clear path that I’m able to follow.

Am I out of luck without diving into C++? Has anyone done anything similar?

Any luck figuring this out? I am trying to create a game like Tenchu Z and this is a must have feature.

There are two options you can use:

  1. GitHub - MatthewZelriche/UE4-Light-Detector: A C++ Implementation of a stealth game Light Meter similar to those seen in games such as the Thief or Splinter Cell games.
  2. Christian Sparks — Unreal Engine Illumination Detection Blueprint...

The first option has a decent impact on performance, but it is most accurate.

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