Maximum number of lights

Is there documentation covering the maximum limit/number of lights that can be in a scene?

At this very moment, I’m interested in static point lights. After reading the documentation, static lights are completely baked, right?. So does that mean I can go wild with static point lights and not have to worry too much about in-game performance? I know I’m also limited to what my computer can handle while in the editor but I’ll worry about that separately.

Thought I read somewhere about 4096 or something, but im not 100% sure

If you’re only using static lights, then yes they all bake down onto one single lightmap/shadowmap anyway, so you can do whatever with them and it won’t impact performance in the slightest. The only drawback to having a lot of them is it’ll increase your build times, but once that’s over there’s nothing to worry about.

Thank you for the confirmation! That’s what I was hoping for :smiley:

I created this little cheat sheet while I at it learning about the different lighting details. Hope it helps somebody :slight_smile:

Note: With the stationary lighting, if you don’t need the moving objects to have shadows, you can just use static lighting to save performance.