Matrix 4 - nanite WPO?

Hi, today I have noticed an interesting thing about Matrix 4 UE5 demo. The cars get damaged and it looks pretty well. And when the player switched to nanite triangle view, all the cars used nanite. But I still didnt find anything about Nanite WPO supprt anywhere. So what is it? Is it really happening? It looks like we cant get displacement anytime soon but at least WPO could be a little help for us.

Could it be the good, old switcheroo for the damaged cars?

I dont think so. It deformed in realtime very accurately.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on switcheroo…

I meant, that it is probably that the damaged part of the car gets “upacked” from nanite, and the damage deformations are applied afterwards, and there is probably not much point in trying to repack it in nanite afterwards in runtime. But that is just a guess. I do not have a PS5 or an xBox to test this. But if I had that would have been easy to determine with nanite visualizer and by analyzing deformations for uniqueness and whenever nanite is used to render those parts. The videos that I saw shows quite clearly that the cars are build from both nanite and non-nanite parts (like windows) since ninenite does not support translucency and windows are not shown in nanite visualizer. As for the real-time part, I see no problem in spawning/replacing a couple meshes here and there without player ever noticing. That happens all the time.

But that all just a guess work. Looking forward to trying the demo on PC.

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NOOOOOOOOOOO :disappointed_relieved: When car gets damage, it turns nanite off. Soo, again, still no WPO for nanite.

Ohhh, interesting, didnt see your post yesterday )) Yeah, you are right. They turn nanite off. And I didint know we can make nanite mesh in realtime :roll_eyes:

Probably also part of the reason the demo hitches a bit during crashes, swapping in a new model and deforming it.