Materials Scale

Hi. I’m trying to make an animated material (from a single object, in my case a blood pool but it could be everything) where a centered object scales up till it’s big enough so I used ScaleUVFromTheCenter but then I see a grid made of pools instead of a single one zooming in.I know this is expected to happen but I don’t know what else to do.

This is my material setup:

This is the result while zooming in (using a BP):

This is what I would like to accomplish:

I ‘think’ you just need to change the images properties. So open up the texture in unreal. On the right hand side details panel, under “Texture” you should see an expandable section under the sRGB option.
Click that to expand the axis tiling methods options. Change both the X and Y tiling method from wrap to clamp.

I hope this helps!

There are tutorials where people scale meshes over time. Like say growing plants. There are ways to create a flipbook animation that would look like your puddle filled also. If you made a flip book of images at say 768 and the puddle was small. Then animated a flip book so size increases in the image. Then you would have to create say 10 images that would grow, and play the flipbook over time. though it would be glitchy, and clicky unless you called on 30 images. Making a transitional shader would be your best best. As it will slowly cover an item. There are also ways to skale a mesh over time in blueprints.

This tutorial is for covering an object.