Materials not applying to static mesh in 4.14.3

I’m having some issues adding materials to newly imported static meshes within my scene. Since I had to do a clean installation of my OS and Unreal I’ve been unable to do this. It’s also coincided with my switching up from 4.13 to 4.14.

As seen in the included image, I can’t drag and drop materials I’ve created onto the mesh in the world editor and I do not have the option to add a material when creating a blueprint actor with this mesh either. Has also been tested with a simple box asset exported with a UV as an FBX and also does not work.

Help, I have one week for submission deadline and this is really causing me problems.

edit Narrowed it down to meshes not importing with a material slot, any way to resolve this?

Hey Merchantbanker9,

You can manually add a material slot in the static mesh editor. You can also apply a material in your modeling software and import the material with the mesh. That will automatically create a material slot.

Let me know if that helps!