Material with masks Metallic, Roughness and Color Problems

Hi I have a Problem with my material. In the material that I did I control everything with masks, but I have problems when I want to change the color of a mask when it is touching a metal surface. As you see in the images I have a weapon, in the object there is a metal tube where the missiles come out and in color white a detail of burned surface. That white color is the error. In the material the color that I chose is black but it is shown white. Why does that happen? it is a problem of metallic and non-metallic surfaces or with Roughness of value 0 and other of value 1 Please somebody help me this is driving me crazy! Thanks!

Are you sure your masks are using the right channel? What does the green channel or your mask look like?

Hi Steve.
Yes, my masks are using the correct channels. That mask uses two channels the blue that is the tube and the green that is the burnt detail. In the picture I show you the green channel. Something I did and that changes the color to black is to put the values of the color in negative. But I think that’s not the way to do it right and there’s still an error.

Thank you for the addition info, I noticed that in both the pictures the black color is set with an alpha of 0, have you tried turning the alpha to 1? I do not see anything wrong with your network. Also why use the mask nodes? Have you tried dragging directly off the green and red pins that go to the multiply color and avoid using the mask nodes?

I’m just starting with unreal and learning to create the materials. The mask nodes I use to choose which channel to use and then with the node vector parameter I assign the color, I followed this tutorial [link text][1] to change the color of the channels. I wanted to apply your idea of connecting directly from the red and green channel without using the mask nodes. But if I directly connect the channel to the multiplier node then how can I change the color? I Also change the value of the alpha to one but nothing happens. Something that happens in the material is also that if I change the color of the tube, the detail of the green channel changes to that same color. the only way to change the color of the detail is to put it in a negative number. I attached 2 images for you to see. Thanks for all your help Steve

You can drag directly off the texture sample green and red, that will go to a multiply node that gets multiplied by a vector color. (like you currently have but without the masks).

I’m not sure if that will make a difference, because as far as i can see everything looks okay. If that does not help then I wish I could help, hopefully somebody else will jump in and help.

Hi Steve. I already removed the mask nodes and I did it as you tell me, but the problem continues. The only way I can change the colors is by using negative numbers and playing with the roughness values that exceed the value one. I think I’ll handle it that way. Thank you very much for your interest in helping me and your time. We are makeing this game. I will include you in the special thanks credits Ousland