Material reflecting onto another material?

I’ve got a material that’s colour seems to reflect onto another material.

how do I stop this from happening, it seems that the grass material colour from my floor seems to turn my white wall material green too and I don’t want this effect.

Could be from reflections or from baked lighting, do you know which?

I think it’s from reflections rather than baked lighting.

its an outdoor environment with only a skylight

woukd really appreciate some help

turn the roughness down on the wall material
also, to help people help you better, you should avoid multiple threads about the same issue

thanks i’ll give that a shot, sorry about the multiple threads, I’m going out of my mind trying to fix this as its the last bit before i complete my map

I’ve turned the roughness down to 0 and it makes no difference on both the floor and wall materials

sorry my mistake should have written turn it up :slight_smile:
roughness @ 0 = perfectly smooth @ 1 is full rough
suggest you look into pbr basics as it will help you to solve all this stuff on your own

Has absolutely no effect

Cmon guys someones gotta know the answer to this its driving me out of my mind!

Pictures of the scene and material setup would help.

Heres a pic of the scene attached as for the material its the same as M_Ground_grass from the starter content, its too big to take a screenshot of.

I’ve tried moving the skylight around makes no difference, the circular wall is white but its taken on that green hue from the grass texture on the floor.

Please help!


I don’t think it’s reflection or color bleed…
Could you show us your material setup for the wall please?

If you delete all reflection probes in the scene is it still green?

Hi MakiGirl,
its pretty much the same as M_basic_wall from the starter content, although I’ve set roughness to 1, to no avail.

I’ve attached an image

There aren’t any reflection probes in the scene that I know of.

If I change the floor colour to say white, the wall also returns to its original intended white colour.

I had this problem. It’ color bleeding. In real life we have this effect. I just go around the problem by putting a white nonreflective color to all my meshes, then bake. Then apply the material. No more bleeding. Google color bleeding in ue4. Should give you some tips. I just do what i do for that issue.

Many thanks syrom much appreciated!

i can give you a bad possible solution.
go to floor actor details panel, go to lighting and set diffuse boost to 0 (default 1). build light.

uh… i`m a slowpoke

I cant understand this at all, your work around works for the environment BUT it still over exposes the lighting on my character that now looks like this:

It’s caused by the Global Illumination in UE4 which can sometimes be too saturated for bright colors.
An easy solution to this is to use a ‘Lightmass replace’ node in your material setup between the grass texture and the base color input. Plug the texture into the Realtime input and for the Lightmass input you can use a white color, or a very light green if you still want some Global Illumination.
What this node will do is it will use the Realtime input for the diffuse look for your material, and use the Lightmass input when simulating lighting being bounced off the material.