Material reflecting onto another material?

Many thanks for that, but could I please ask for a bit more help as to how to hook this up correctly, here’s my material setup:

This is the M_ground_grass material that comes as standard with ue4, this is my interpretation with node attached and I’ve clearly done it wrongly, could someone please clarify as to how to hook that node up correctly?

Would really appreciate some help!

did you google how to use the lightmass replacement node?
first google result

I did but the grass material seems to use a more complicated setup

The easiest way to do it is to just take the last output (which you currently have plugged into Base Color) and connect it to the Realtime input of the node.
I have included an image of how to set it up.
In the lightmass input I put a very light green, so you would still get some colour bleeding, but not too much. You can also just make this completely white.

Thanks for that, much appreciated!

Hi Sandermer, your solution works great for the colour bleed in the environment but I’m still having an issue with the game character being overly bright, I think the material is projecting too much light on to the character, IMHO the walls seem to be overly bright too.

Is there anything you’d recommend?

There are a lot of things that could be causing this. Can you upload a picture of the material of your character and a picture of the settings of your lights?

Hi Sandermer,

I really appreciate your help and I’m sorry for the hassle.

Here are the character material and light settings for that map.

Skylight will capture the predominant environment color and blend it with everything which is against your sunlight, meaning shadows. Try to place a cubemap on your skylight (anyone which come with engine with bluish will do) and see if it changes, then you will understand what it is happening.

You also help see your skylight details and your main directional light details.

PS: posts coming fast, I saw the directional light one

Hi Nilson,

I’m not sure I understand, the only light I believe I have in the map is the one in the attached image.

Skylight is the indirect light and it contributes giving the predominant environment color to your scene. You can remove your skylight also and see what Im talking about or do the experiment I have suggested. You mentioned in your post you have a skylight at your scene too.

I would suggest for you to watch this video which is quite recent and it tells the influence of lighting in the environment. You can try replicate what the guy in the video does and it will give to you a better understanding on the subject. : Volumetric Fog and Lighting in Unre

Thanks for that,
It’s definitely an interesting video, although it doesn’t fix my lighting issue, I don’t have a skylight in my map.

At post number 3 you said there is only a skylight…

Is it possible for you to zip your project and put a link for download? It would be better to take a look directly at it, otherwise there is anything we can do…

Sorry I’ve clearly made a mistake in that there isn’t a skylight.

This project has a massive amount of maps in there, it really is a humongous file, I’m not sure of how to send on a single level?

Although the upshot is by disabling auto exposure the lighting is now ok, its still not perfect but not too bad.

Although, I’ve got a problem with motion blur that I’m also trying to fix:

Nilson, I genuinely appreciate all your very kind help!

Lighting exteriors has its own difficulties as interiors.

In the game industry with large development teams there are separate roles on what some people do and as in movies there are specialized individuals in lighting properly a scene, and you will still find people who does the job better on interiors sometimes, others are great for open world scenes. Small groups need to take advantage of individuals more generalist as possible so the budget stay tight.

I know how it feels like feeling lost having to worry on several things during the development, but if you are doing everything right, the lighting for environments should be your last worry. The usual workflow is to compose the entire scene and for last worry about lighting. Work on filling up your scene 1st and worry about lighting for last or you will waste too much time on things that are the last of the problems and since the environment keeps changing for every single piece you put there will have impact on the final appearance. There are so many other things to worry about that takes time to accomplish and work it out and lighting is definitely not one of them.

thanks for the insight

ummm :slight_smile: I’d say lighting is one of the major concerns in UE. Much Less so when using Vray or arnold or renderman, Because the lights there do what you tell them to and act naturally. Even with a few years of Ligthing inside UE and over 12 years of lighting experience in VFX and film, I can safely say as an artist now working in game development that one of my main concerns every time I open to finalize a scene in UE is how to cross my fingers and fight the engine to visually give me what i want even with an entire “Physically correct” pipeline in place. There are so many obstacles fighting you on a basic level that It’s a field of its own on how to troubleshoot them.

From a programmer perspective however I understand that other things may seem more of a priority.

This actually makes me giggle. I just made a really awesome reflective render in DAZ Studio and posted it on the forums. Some jealous mod deleted it for “nudity” when nothing nude was being shown lol. It’s funny when you can’t even support your own platform/artists lol. Photo Real, Ultra HD, Full Screen, 4 Hour Render, Real Time Sunset/Location and everything. Jealous mods.

However, I’m not sure if it’d be the same concept here but it depends on your environment and lightings. Once you have them great, your renders should be perfect.

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