Material Quality is High when Scalability is Medium

When switching the Scalability (c++ or editor settings) the material quality is Low on Low and High on Medium and High on High/Epic.
Shouldn’t the Material Quality be Medium on Scalability Medium? It’s annoying since Medium Branch of the QualitySwitch in material editor never takes effect.

Hi Schlabbermampf,

This is mentioned in the Engine Scalability documentation linked below under the Textures section. The Note bubble explains why you’re not seeing a difference between High and Low settings.


thx for the article!
The QualitySwitch in the reference has the inputs ‘Default’, ‘Low’ and ‘High’, while the actual node in 4.10/4.11 has also the input ‘Medium’. Indeed it’s not distinguished between the tree, just two states. Shouldn’t this demand a fix?

Yeah that image should probably be updated. Things change so much in a short period of time that it’s not always easy to keep up with every page in documentation when there are hundreds, if not thousands of them and the Learning Resources team is a smaller team so it can take some time to update everything. I’ve entered a ticket for them to address it when they can. :slight_smile:

thx, its a nice feature and to distinguish between three quality levels in material would be a great relief.

How can I set Scalibility.ini to use medium setting is it 0.5 in MaterialQualityLevel???

Medium quality switch is used by scalability settings when MaterialQualityLevel is set to 2. So you have 0 for low, 2 for medium, and 1 for high. I guess this is set up like this for backward compatibility.