Material Inconsistency from Reflection

I have a black non-metallic material that looks inconsistent in my scene as opposed to the asset viewer. I am suspecting that this is caused by the reflection because when I move the object outside for example, it shows correctly. I am also getting some strange artifacts from my reflection spheres. Any ideas as to why this is occurring would be appreciated.

I’m using a constant of 0.5 for the roughness

that material looks fine, although you shouldn’t need two sided. if you’ve done more tweaking in the details panel there could be something in there that’s an issue.

what does the ceiling material look like?

what lights do you have and what type are they?

just found this. should solve the reflection issue.

this fixes it. also just turned down the roughness for the chandelier and it looks more correct. thanks!

what is the roughness of the material?

not a problem. i converted to an answer so please mark as answered.