Material Editor Switch if on a FoliageInstancedStaticMesh (Imposter UVs)

Hello answer hub,

In the material editor, I would like to switch between using the nodes “object position” and “actor position.”

This is because “actor position” does not work when applied through the foliage painter, but object position does.

Reversely, when just placing the mesh normally and not instancing through foliage, object position does not work and actor position does (object position moves the bill board up).

Attached is a photo of the context of where the switch would go

If this is not possible could someone suggest another way of applying the ImposterUV position.


Just a shot in the dark here, but do these nodes work correctly when you have the ‘used with instanced static meshes’ box ticked appropriately?

It was checked true, I unchecked it and it seemed to recheck it so it did not make an affect


You can perform such switch using custom material expression and #IF preprocessor.
However neither actor position nor object positions are relevant to what you are trying to do. You should use mesh pivot point instead.