Material Editor - Parameter node copying/duplicating produces (#) copies

In a recent update, the material editor started adding a (#) at the end of the name of a parameter node when it’s duplicated or copied. As an example:

That may be useful for some, but I’m trying to see if it can be disabled as I don’t have use for it and it actually hinders my work. Is there any way to disable this?

Versions prior to 4.14 actually duplicated the Parameter without creating a new one.
I would like to have an option to switch between these two modes.

Me too, that being optional would be verrrry awesome!

same here. it’s been annoying me for quite some time now

It’s actually quite buggy.
If you close and open project again - all nodes created in such way will be duplicates of the first one and all different values you stored will be overridden.
It’s a lose-lose situation basically =/

This has happened to me since 4.12 lol

If it’s when the nodes are duplicated or copy-pasted, honestly I’d prefer this if it’s overriding the values with that of the original, as this is essentially instancing those parameter nodes so that wires don’t have to get snaked along or crossed. As an example, if I’m doing a material that has particular texture projection math instanced over a couple different styles of layer placement, I’d copy/paste or duplicate the string or strings that constitute my texture projection math for each layer, but now I also have to go through one by one and remove the little (1) or (2) and so on and so forth for every parameter that I’ve copied. I know it hasn’t always been like this, I’d really love an option in editor preferences or project settings to enable/disable this behavior.

Same here. This is getting really frustrating as I need to instance hundreds of nodes and have to waste my time changing the name to each and every one.