Material and shader plugins?

Hey guys,

I’m looking to add some new rendering features with a couple plugins I’ve been kicking around, but I’ve hit a couple roadblocks.

First up is shaders. It doesn’t seem like you can put them in a plugin or a game project. They all have to live in that engine/shaders dir which seems to fly in the face of a modular plugin system. Obviously none of this is news, I’m just looking for any updates on this one.

Second is new UMaterialExpressions blocks. Is it possible to add these to your code plugins/game projects?

Any insight on these 2 subjects would be greatly appreciated.



No love for shader plugins?

I posted this back in November, I think it deserves a bump?

Let’s bump this every half year or so.
It’s also important to me. :slight_smile:

It’s finally going to happen in 4.17 apparently

I’ve just started looking at this and I believe plugins would be the way to go. Gets my vote too.

Well this is a late answer, but I hope it can make this thread complete.

This is shader plugin tutorial OP is looking for:

Epic’s official document also include a crude instruction on the relevant matter:

Only global shaders are demonstrated though. Read and be creative.