Master Pose Component overrides slaves collision

Let’s say I have a modular pawn made out of a torso mesh and a head mesh. On the pawn constructor the body mesh is set as master pose component to the head and in the hierarchy the head is child of the torso.

The problem that i’m facing right now is that if i raycast against the head it will return no collision.
If i keep the same setup and don’t set the master pose component it will instead work as intended.

I guess this is a bug?
Is there any workaround?


In the end it looks like Master Pose Component uses only the master’s physics assets, so I had to drop it and manage to replace it with Copy Pose From Mesh and it’s working quite well.

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Hey snaiperskaya,
While Master Pose is more efficient, there are some known limitations. This being one of them. Glad you found Copy Pose though.

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