MASS Colliders - How To?

Greeting all, I have looked through the documentation we currently have for UE5, and in the AncientWorld project the Instanced & MASS collections all have a Collider which is custom to the group of Nanite Objects.

I would like to know how to go about creating these custom colliders. I know how to create colliders per individual Nanite SM, but how would one go about doing it for a Instanced Level / BP of them?

I been looking at the Plugins included with the AncientWorld however all the ones I figured it would allow me to do it doesn’t to be it.

I believe they have been using the InstanceLevelCollision plugin found in the Valley project. Go to that plugin folder and run the Widget_ColliderMaker editor widget. Select your geo in the world outliner, and hit generate collisions. That seems to generate collider geo into the world, but that’s as far as my R&D has gotten so far. Its also pretty slow so just try a single mesh to start.

Edit, Epic did mention this tool towards the end of the Nanite stream, I think they hope to expand and improve this tool before recommending or shipping it with engine, so I suspect its a bit of a “here be dragons” tool for now.


Thanks for this, will need to do a bit of experimenting with the params. Good to have 1 collision for a group of SM.