Marketplace process is way to long

I know it has been said before but man taking a month or more for something to get through is absurd. after this long it should be a smoother and faster process by now.

there is some nice things thats been in submissions for awhile and still they sit there.

It is certainly a painfully long process at the moment, fortunately they have dropped the trello board portion of it. I do appreciate quality control though, so as long as they keep the quality fairly good, a reasonable delay is better.

There is a feedback thread that is on-going here, time to release is likely a common theme already though.

I think a month is not bad… Of course it could be better, but for me one month is fine.

It is **** long. I wanted to release a ledge climbing system but when i discovered on how long it will take to get approved i just released it for free instead.
I live a 3rd world country where you wait in lines to order food, pay your electricity, to get your car washed, to see a dr, to drive 1km takes 45 minutes etc.
Whenever i can eliminate waiting… then that’s what i do. I dont wait. In fact i received warnings at day jobs for leaving meeting rooms where the ceo was 10 minutes late.

He can waste his own 10 minutes but he sure as hell wont be wasting my 10 minutes.

Sure now im losing money. But losing money and being bankrupt and releasing my stuff for free is 10 times better than waiting indefinitely.

In my opinion you are missing a bit of patience :rolleyes: 10 minutes waiting for your CEO should not be a problem I think.

10 minutes is long long time when its already 7pm and you have been at the office since 5am. :0

We’re steadily working on speeding things up. We want to publish content faster, just like you do. :slight_smile: We have several things in the pipeline that will speed things up over the next couple months. The first one that’s already done is dropping the public Trello boards, which will shave 2 - 4 weeks off of each submission’s time to publish, which is a huuuuge time savings. We’re also developing the ability to let submitters directly enter their content into the Marketplace catalog into a moderation queue for us to review and publish instead of us having to enter all the data internally, which can be (and usually is) very time-consuming. This will also give everyone the ability to update their item descriptions, screenshots, and content much more easily than they currently do. Not only will this make everything faster, but it gives submitters more direct control.

There are other process improvements in the background that are slightly further out that I can’t go into detail on yet, but trust me when I say that we’re attacking the problem of speed-to-publish from every possible angle. A great deal of my time is spent in meetings with our engineers to develop these new features and work on speed and user experience improvements, and a lot more is happening behind the scenes than may be obvious. Once we get closer to launching these features I’ll be talking a lot about them here and on the blog. Suffice it to say, by the time the Marketplace hits its one-year anniversary in September, it’ll be dramatically different (and faster, and better!) than when we initially launched. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear its getting improved, I know you all work really hard on this and I am not a submitter I am just someone really awaiting some of these products lol. But thank you for the reply I really appreciate it.

lmao someone who is more patient then me, i like that!!!

Another thing to consider in addition to what said is the sheer amount of submissions the marketplace team receives. There are a lot of people who want to put their content on the marketplace. =) I can personally attest that contrasting my experience at the end of last year to now, the submission process has been noticeably improved for efficiency. Change takes time, but they are headed in the right direction and I’ve already seen the difference. The changes outlined have me even more optimistic about the future. =)

Any ETA on this feature?

Thank you! I know we have a lot of improvements still to make, but it makes me happy to hear that people are excited about the Marketplace content we’re releasing and are eager to get their hands on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks man, that means a lot to us. I showed your comment to the team and we really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I can’t give a precise date yet, but it’s in development right now. In fact, on Tuesday I got my first walkthrough of the full process in a wireframe. From there, we’ll be testing it internally over the coming weeks to make sure it’s bulletproof before going public with it.

Don’t mention it. You all are doing great work! =)