Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

First of all: Thank you for opening the market place to the public! This is just awesome!

What I think would be of great benefit for the community / crowd is adding plugins respectively scripts for lets say Inventory, HUD, Level System, Photon Network and so on. That would give people without extensive programming skills (like me) tools to actually work on designing the game :slight_smile:

For me, being the Wing Commander Privateer / Space Game junkie, I’m thirsty for any kind of assets that help with the creation of Space games!

One my favorite Unity add-on developers created a “Space Graphics Toolkit” which provided a system for generating infinite asteroid fields, Stars, Nebulars, planets floating debris, spaceship thrusters etc.

I’m hoping that he considers porting that over to UE4 if possible.

The way he implemented his star fields was really unique - you could use it as the level background (of course) but you could also implement it as an object which could be manipulated in game like say a star map where you can rotate it in a confined space, select stars, draw lines between them etc.

I have yet to try replacing UE4’s default clouds etc., with say a cube map with a space background (I’ve been mostly working with getting textured and anim’d models into UE4 atm), but this is definitely something that I’d love to have for UE4 too!


PS - And yes, I’d like to see some form of quality being enforced by contributors. I’m not trying to judge other people artistic abilities, but I’m looking for a quality standard in the documentation provided along with those assets; don’t just let folks dump all kinds of complex functionality without nary a mention on how to use the stuff, expecting folks to figure it out by themselves…

I would also like to see Blueprint templates

I’d buy a FPS kit thats done totally in blueprint, it should come with sample content(player model,view model, animation(jump,run,walk,prone ,crouch,iron sight,etc, rifle, handgun,grenade,bazooka)).


I am Anomaly, a long time gamer (in some games casual, in some games no-lifer) and I recently found out about your project. I have a passion for the gaming industry, what I mean is, I like to observe how games evolve, how they innovate the entertainment industry overall and in general how the industry works.
I know a few things about development, marketing, target audience, revenue, 3rd party entertainment potential and so on and I think your project (which apparently isn’t new but it’s starting to become known more widely) is (or could be) a huge milestone in the gaming industry.
So here’s my crowd-sourcing input :slight_smile:

The Marketplace
I love the idea of the marketplace. In my opinion it will boost the quality of games a lot because the availability of components will save developers a lot of time (time which will hopefully be spent focusing on other aspects of the gaming experience) and also help smaller developers introduce to the market higher quality products.
My suggestion regarding the marketplace is this: don’t limit the marketplace to just graphic projects and introduce other categories such as Voice-acting, Soundtrack creation, Splash-art, Writing and lore creation, Marketing, Publishing, Distribution and so on.
I know, now you tell me there are other means out there to fulfill these needs, like business catalogs and linked-in and stuff, but, hear me out: I’m only suggesting creating the opportunity for professionals in the related industries to sort of advertise their business/craft on your platform. In other words, yes, focus on the graphics and animations/mechanics of gaming but also help the developers become better by helping them understand and find what else they need for their game.
Here’s an example. Say I am an indie developer with a great idea for a new genre game (let’s say Angry Birds a few years ago). Now I could go at it alone and hope it goes viral or, I could ask for some advice or partner up with a more knowledgeable developer/distributor or even hire a professional (person or company) to help me with either suggestions or some other things that maybe I don’t understand that well about the market - in order to make my game better. Maybe one suggestion could be “make the enemies cute pigs instead of vomiting gory zombies” :).

Above average comment section
This is a suggestion for individual items present on the market. First of all, maybe a description area for the creator of the content, where that person can advertise expertise or experience (work experience in voice acting or a contemporary arts diploma for example). Second, maybe a description of the content produced, such as “typical room in a French palace in the 14th century” or “typical road side diner in U.S. in the 1960s” or “concept for bar room in cyborg post apocalyptic future”. Third, maybe some information on copyright or “been done before”/similarities, for example if there’s ambient music for an area, the creator can write – music belongs to X artist, or “I did not check for copyright”, or “this is an improved version of the monster “wild boar” in the game/movie “X””.

Request/offers of services
This is pretty simple, a section where creators and developers can meet. For example I am a developer and I need a werewolf, my request would be for an animator for the transformation and maybe a voice-actor for the wolf voice, request to which people can post their abilities, portfolio and contact information.

Oh wow I wrote so much. :slight_smile: I like to use arguments for things (legal background) and it sometimes expands to more than I intended.

Thanks for reading and if you feel the need to flame/contradict me please do, it’s how we all learn :stuck_out_tongue:



i like to see (buy) water / ocean templates.


I’d like to see more examples of common gaming elements implemented in a best-practice manner using Blueprints (And all of them “network-ready” where appropriate)

General examples:

  • Drivable vehicles with multiple seat/gunner positions (enter/exit vehicle Unreal Tournament style)
  • Minimap display (2D/3D)
  • Inventory System
  • Main Menu / Settings Menu
  • Vehicle/Character customisation

Multiplayer specific:

  • Hosting a Server
  • Joining a Server (Server Browser)

^ ++1 - I’d love to see best practice / blueprint examples like mentioned above as well!


Personally I would like to see some cool blueprint setups.

I have submitted a Material pack which includes various water materials that people have been asking for - I have also submitted a texture pack with high-res texture maps (Diffuse, Normal, Gloss and AO) so hopefully the community will be able to make use of them.

If they make it into the marketplace and do well i will also be submitting modular assets in the near future.

Please add Inventor and hotkey designs and art…Plus blueprints for it…Something we can use as a templete :slight_smile: Ones on youtube or very messy and hard to follow :confused:

Charlestons I CANT WAIT for your water pack!!! DUDE I love your work!

Heh, thanks! Hopefully it will be up in the not-to-distant future! Can’t wait to see what you come up with with the materials.

I, for one, would like to see MIDI interface implementation and I’m ready to pay some money for that.
There have been several threads and AnswerHub questions regarding this, and the current solution (using LiveEditor) isn’t good enough.
So, in a nutshell, I would like to see a simple blueprint plugin - it does not necessarily have to implement all MIDI commands, a keyboard-like node with [keynumber] pressed/released would already suffice. I bet it’s not very hard to do if you are good at C++ - I’m just not a coder.

I would like to see

Virtual Texturing

True that. This would end in situation where all the Unreal games have the same soldier using the same walk animation passing a forset made form just 1 tree model. All good quality. All the same.
It would no longer be “another UE4 game! hooray!”. It would be “another UE4 game, pass”. And now somebody says “No, because new games will create their own exclusive content!”. And I will say “so why do you need the Marketplace anyway…?”. Variety is key.

And another thing… If there is no variety here, where do you thing devs will go for their assets? Oh… I know… It’s all FBX with jpgs, will work in any engine. There really is no barrier. This engine is open now and nobody stops you form buying any asset you want elswhere if you won’t find it here. It’s just this 30% revenue will not go to Epic, but to competition.

Any interest in Music Packs for the MarketPlace?

Here is my link to some of them if anyone would like to listen:

Archviz props would be nice, but they need to have been created correctly and optimised.


I really agree… If I´m going to use assets from the marketplace, it must be so much variety that I can mix and match to create my own style…


I understand the view of Epic that each package should be of a certain minimum size so that the buyer have several matching assets to use in their game, thus make the elements in the package a greater value for the buyer. However, the problem with this is that it feels a bit risky to buy a package for 70$ based on a few images. It would be very helpful it it was possible to buy (or get for free) a single asset from the package, so that I can check the quality for my self, and verify that it works with my project…

Keep up the good work !

I believe Epic allows for refunds if the pack is not as expected. And given the nature of digital content giving a sample asset away for free for each pack would not be a very good idea and would also be a logistics nightmare once the marketplace grows.