Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

Good idea but what about the costs that will?

Most important to me are editor extensions, for sure. Content is all well and good, but new features are what get me really interested.

The first on my list, and on at least 60 other users’ lists: ProBuilder

I personally would like to see this.

I know that it is possible however I am not a programmer. I would be willing to team up with a programmer to help make it. :slight_smile:

We’re impressed by ProBuilder as well! Even before we have full code plugin support we can work with certain developers to make their features available to UE4 developers (for example SpeedTree), although we are definitely committed to supporting code plugins as soon as possible. I want to make sure Epic is never a bottleneck for awesome developers making awesome stuff available to other developers. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it already exists, but I would love something that distorts sound based on the environment. For anyone who’s played the Destiny Beta, there’s a very noticeable difference in sound between shooting indoors or outdoors. If there’s a lot of metal, the sound will bounce around more compared to a normal brick room or outdoors.

So something that would allow a level designer to set up a volume and set that volume’s “Sound Environment” as “metallic”, “hollow”, “open space”, … would be cool.

Even cooler would be if the sound is distorted automatically based on the static meshes and their materials.

Comprehensive VR peripheral support plugins with examples.

I would love to see animations – the standarized humanoid skeleton idea is amazing. I’ve been working with MakeHuman, Mocap data and Blender in the past few weeks and it’s so freaking hard to get polished animations that my hair will probably turn grey if I continue. Good plugins (e.g. character creator, Unity’s UMA comes to mind) would be great as well.

You might want to check the Content Examples project, in the Audio map blueprints 1.9 and 1.10 might interest you (They are related to different sound volumes, e.g. inside and outside sound. I’m not sure if it has all the features you need but it’s a start)

A set of Medieval/fantasy weapons kind of like the upcoming realistic weapons pack would be pretty nice.

These do exist, might not be as apparent as Destiny, but a Reverb Asset should work…

Right click content browser > Other Assets > Sound > Reverb Effect

I won’t go into the dynamics of reverb here, but the options are;


The options that are [most likely] going to help you achieve that Destiny style effect;

Gain, Decay Time, Reflections Gain/Delay, Late Delay/Gain and Air Absorption Gain…

I haven’t played around enough with these yet to give you a blow by blow guide on what they all do, but this should get you started towards making that effect achievable.

Then you can attach or fire or change from/to that reverb effect in/on/with basically anything, popular choices seem to be volume triggers as you pointed out, walking from one type of room to another changes the way the sound bounces off the walls, that is called Reverberation and the ability to manipulate it is built right into UE4 out of the box :slight_smile: (info about the effect)
and (Mathematical article explaining exponential decay, which is related to reverb)

Cheers, Jenkins

I’m happy that assets will be curated based on quality. However, banning similar models is ridiculous. It’s important to have variety and choice. We don’t need every oak tree in a game to be the same oak tree. A quality bar needs to be established by Epic, but we certainly don’t want a situation where once an asset is created it can’t be done better by someone else.

+1 I agree 100%

We need to be able to decide which one we want, not allowing similar models goes against the idea of a “marketplace”.

Watershaders :slight_smile:


Allowing similar assets will benefit the community.

Modular assets aimed at improving iteration, while not providing a “Game-in-a-box” solution. One of the “problems” with unity, and the asset store in general, is that it caters to a HUGE amount of shovelware, and detracts from actual game development, and in turn, more assets are created to cater to these needs, and a system is inadvertently created not to suit the needs of developers, but those that throw something together to flood “X” app store with a clone of X trending game.

I think Manufactura is a great example of the type and quality of assets that would be beneficial to Unreal Developers.

Animation that can be easily extracted to fit an existing skeleton through something like Motion Builder would be awesome. Something akin to megascans - a huge library of high-res seamless texture would also probably be hugely popular. Advanced shaders - portals/warps, polish effects could be useful.

I agree with this. In other engines that I worked with, most of these features like Weather effects, were already inside the engine. So, it would be nice to have it here as well.

I agree variety of similar offers could be beneficial to the community and I don’t foresee us creating a hard guideline against that.

Would you guys be interested in a plugin for loading images, sounds, and text files (JSON, regular .txt etc) from disk or .zip files on disk at run time?

How about a plugin for Mumble positional voice?

(Note: When I say at run time, I mean in a packaged game, via BP node or C++. Will work in editor too, of course.)

Hello guys.

I plan to create a set of blueprints that implement various player-object interactions, such as Amnesia’s like interaction with furniture, since it was asked many times around already.

I’ll start next week i guess. In the mean time, i’d like to hear what kind of interactions you would like to see?

I know Epic is working on the Marketplace… where individuals will be able to monetize their content.
Can anyone tell me how sharing a BluePrint will work?

Are BluePrints compiled? Can I share the compiled Blueprint - without source code?
What about packaging - what if my Blueprint comes with default materials? How will these be packaged?
Can these materials be overridden at Design-time without source?

Sorry, for the n00b question - I’m not a UE4 subscriber (yet) and I’m just trying to figure out some basic.


Blueprints are their own source code - as far as I know, there won’t be a way to distribute them without also giving the purchaser access to how they work. I imagine it could be set up such that Blueprints are compiled down and encrypted in some fashion, but I don’t think that exists at all right now.

They do get compiled at some point, but I don’t think there’s a way to distribute the compiled versions only (could be wrong!).

Regarding the case where a Blueprint comes with materials, you’ll want to migrate that content as well. It should find the references automatically when you do right click in the Content Browser -> Migrate on the Blueprint itself.

If you didn’t want to distribute the material/textures for it, you could just leave the reference dangling and the user would have to fix it manually by putting in a different material in place of the missing one.