Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

As you guys know, Marketplace is already a great place to get tons of free content from Epic (and as of today, Mixamo!), and it will become a place for the community to buy and sell assets of all sorts as it grows an evolves. We are working really hard to make sure that it is the best that it can possibly be.

I want to start a discussion to see what sort of things you all hope to see built out by developers and made available. Myself? I’d love to have access to Shader/Material Packs, Landscapes, Dynamic Skyboxes, and the Level Designer in me reaaaallly wants modular asset packs available for purchase.

So what do you want to see the community put out on the Marketplace?

Definitely modular asset packs are a must and my favourites.
Modular dungeon crawler type tunnels that are straight, 45deg bends, 90deg bends, so you can just drag and drop and make your own level.

I’ll be putting together a structural steel modular pack (for free!) with Universal Columns, Universal Beams with baseplates, connection plates and bolts (all engineer approved!:P) welded trusses so people can just drop them in place and create sheds, warehouses, etc.
I also will be putting in steel stair cases, spiral, ship ladders, monowills handrailing (all to the code for a realistic look).
Sneak peak at where it’s at -
steel modules.jpg

I’m really looking forward to shader/material packs as well. As someone who struggles with anything graphical (I have literally no artistic talents), I’m interested in those things, high quality assets. I’d really like to see something like what Unity has - I believe it’s part of the core now, but it started as the Universal Character Creator as a community asset. Basically it streamlined the process of creating characters (rigged and ready to stick on existing animations, since everything shares the same bones/rig). I’d love something similar, I need (for my own purposes) to be able to generate a lot of slightly different looking units, so something like that would be awesome and I’d love extra content to be easy to just plug in/drop in to it.

I’d love to see (although it may be more along the lines of things with material packs) some much more focused/diverse assets for things ‘every’ game needs, grass, rocks, moss, dirt paths, snow, etc.

I also look forward to complete drop in assets for whole systems like Time of Day + Dynamic Weather, and I look forward to seeing the for-profit communities work on things like alternative GI solutions.

I’d also like to suggest the marketplace be presented in a way that you can exclude/restrict to projects that are completely C++, completely blueprints or a mix of the two. It should be very easy to distinguish these things before a purchase or a download so that for example a C++ only user won’t waste his time with blueprint only assets or vice versa.

[FONT=times new roman][FONT=times new roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=2][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000]**

Mystique Entity™

*The Mystique Entity™ System is the brand name for the Universal Modular Entity Construction Hierarchical System (UMECHS*) Authoring process. UMECHS is a system of processes that includes:

  • Specifications
  • Templates: Rig & Base Mesh
  • Version Control
  • Centralized Repository
  • Application Modules: Entity Customization Interface
  • Licensing
  • Body of Administration
    (HierArch Consortium).

UMECHS* was conceived specifically for authoring Modular Entities with Interchangeable Parts sold to the masses via online marketplaces. Motivations are to mutually benefit Artists and Game Devs:

Provide Game & Producers:

  • Mass Customization in which Interchangeable Parts can be mixed and matched to create an endless combination of unique Entities.
  • Modular Entities/Interchangeable parts suitable for in-game prefabrication, player customization, destruction/dismemberment FX.
  • [FONT=times new roman]Scalable Bundling Options with greater granularity. Design the Bundle that fits their Budget.

Provide Modeler & Animators:

  • Managed System for authoring and cataloging templates: Core Rigs & Base Meshes.
  • [FONT=times new roman]Distributed Authoring in which the workload is divided [FONT=times new roman][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000]between several Artists to minimize production time.[/COLOR]
  • [FONT=times new roman][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000]Authoring Scalability is which Artists can produce one, some, or all the parts. Artist can even specialize in authoring specific types of Parts.[/COLOR]
  • [FONT=times new roman]Parts Version Control. Swap out existing or work-in-progress Parts with improved u[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000]pdated versions over a period of time.[/COLOR]
  • [FONT=times new roman][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000]Maximize Profit potential by diversifying Assets in Scalable Bundles.[/COLOR]

The UMECHS* Authoring Process is similar to DAZ3D Genesis. It provides a core rig and base body/parts in which a huge range of other 3D Entities can be derived using morph targets, sockets, and material layers. UMECHS applies this methodology to common entity types found in 3D Games:

  • Character & Creature Head/Body
  • Vehicles/Crafts
  • Machines
  • Weapons
  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Hybrids

UMECHS is a open system in which Artist create new core rigs and base body parts or extend existing ones to evolving hierarchy of styles (ie: Master Rig and Re-targeting Compatibility). There are minimal layers of management for Quality Assurance (inspect and ensure Parts meet the UMECHS* specification and Game/Application compatibility) and Database Entity Base Mesh/Parts in the HierArch Compendium.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

fps templates similar to some of unity’s where you can drag and drop models/materials and use the animations provided very easily, one in particular is called ufps: ultimate FPS!/content/2943, that would be incredible to see in UE4.

Also just user content in general would be nice to see. Maybe blueprints where people just ask for donations since they can easily be copied.

Really just anything to make the main type of games people tend to make a lot easier and quicker.

TechLord the UMECH is just an idea… has it been made?

Also vegetation would be great.

That’s what I would like to see :slight_smile:

-Texture + Material Pack

And because we all want different things, I would like office and interior assets. :slight_smile:

I’d like to see
> Vegetation
> Weapons
> Buildings (especially all kinds of houses)
> HD textures and materials
> some finished scripts e.g. an inventory system

Summarized: I’d like the marketplace to become similar to the Unity Asset Store :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s TechLords idea, not sure why he responded to me with practically a full page ad about it - it’s barely related to what I was referencing (the UCC toolkit Unity has), his is a scammy idea about his own asset store, it has it’s own thread where it was basically universally panned as toxic/offensive to artists and economically (again for the artists) pointless. It basically only works out if you’re the consumer (not the artist) or the owner of the store. Dunno why he felt the need to advertise in a feedback thread, but that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

-> Animations, Animation packs. I have no idea how they can be implemented because there is no common Rig for everyone as Unity does.

-> Modular assets. Different thematic. cities, scifi, interiors, post apoc, etc

-> Solutions / frameworks / plugins like a Dialogue System, for saying something.

@Chance I think this would be a good sticky thread so that people which want to create content for the marketplace know what people are looking for :slight_smile: (I could make it sticky, but I think is’t better to ask you first :p)

Some more useful stuff:

-sound package (forest sounds, … )
-medieval weapon pack
-as Alexarg already mentioned → modular assets!!!

I am going to be selling some high quality textures/materials.
I am looking forward most to modular assets!

Free materials contributions and some complete template projects free and not free.

Material packages tops our list.

We can build anything we want in a reasonable amount of time but coming up with the perfect material is by far the most time consuming vampire as part of the build process.

Animation packages, in FBX source of course, would be second on the list.

Overall common build elements sorted into share based folders easy to catalog. The most annoying thing about asset collecting is not knowing what you already have or browse a properly formatted content folder.

If we can buy something that does not require reinventing the wheel the more the better.

An Internet based asset management application would be nice as well. Daz Studio for example would be a perfect solution if it could access and make use of an Internet connected asset server.

My apologies, I should have scaled it back. It was an attempt to concur with a standardize modular entity system. Anyways, it has no relation to the poll (which is all it was). People didn’t like the concept. Fair enough, however, to imply dubious intent (scam) is unfair and I kindly ask you not to associate my name with such activity. The post was removed.

I’m glad someone mentioned Audio! Totally something I’d love to see show up as well.

Let’s do it :slight_smile:

Ok, done :smiley:

  • Envrio packs, (as in Unity Store),
  • Characters with animations!
  • Player hands for FPP and weapons, (it’s really hard to find one)
  • Particles,
  • Materials with textures,
  • Sounds,
  • UI gfx,
  • Plugins / Blueprints with some functionality (for example gesture system or minimap or fog of war)

It would be really nice to get promotions with mixed content - for example dungeon envrio pack (from artist X), fantasy weapon pack (from artist Y), fantasy characters (from artist Z), sounds etc - one big pack from different publishers but with price drop. I don’t know if this can be done but I would like to buy stuff like that in Unity Store.

btw which version are you targeting to open Marketplace to publish some stuff?