Maps need lighting rebuilt 4.15

I did a light build overnight, and it looked great this morning. Then I tried to fix some model issues, and now I’m getting this critical error… “WorldSettings Maps need lighting rebuilt” I have tried everything… even deleting everything in the scene and exporting the whole scene and importing into new project. Same error. And of course this is my first Unreal project for a new employer.

Hey Vizceral,

So when you build your lighting using Lightmass, this means you are using static lighting and shadows. In turn, once your scene’s lighting has been built and you try and move objects, you immediately invalidate the static lighting because the objects in question are no longer accurately represented in the world. Therefore, you need to rebuild your lights again in order for the message to clear. Light build should be something you do in the near final stages where you have things placed in the positions they need to be and you are simply tweaking the results.

Lighting Troubleshooting Guide


Thanks Andrew… Yes, I rebuild the lights here and there as I develop the scene. But now it’s not letting me rebuild.

this is a huge issue that needs answers all of a sudden being locked out of rebuilding your scenes like usual makes no sense