Map failed review

My map failed the review but I am not sure what faield i thought i answered questionnaire as truthful as i could is there a way to find out exactly what failed?

I have the same issue , my image consists of green and red squares in the background with a titled overlap, the game is a zonewars with an extra couple features, each square zone is green when empty, and green when 1 player is present, but as a second player enters the zone it will turn red, My thumbnail represents this, If the person who reviewed my map entered alone, they would not see the red zones, maybe this is why it was failed, but only because it was not seen does not mean it is not there, enter with somebody, and both meet in a single zone together and you will see this take effect! Please reassess with consideration to the information I present here. The island code is 2896-4079-0938 , and the thumbnail is…

Botkilleryt , looking at you error message I would say it’s you thumbnail they didn’t like! , your game rating is for 3+ age, so your thumbnail needs to be something suitable for that age range, for example cannot be a dull image, ensure it is bright colourful and friendly in a welcoming way is what I would recommend (I cannot see your current image)

I got this before when the age questions did not cover enough, for instance not checking it has violence that make it a teen map. So make sure to check everything that could be.

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turns out i just needed to make it rated t not rated e

thumbnails this is more my issue

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thank you for responding, did you check my link, is this not a more appropriate place for this discussion?