Making elements which are always visible (like editor gizmo)


I am very interested in how gizmos in Editor are rendered. It seems that they are somehow bypassing objects opacity settings? Like on this screenshot:


Here only a small part of a green gizmo is outside of the box, all the rest is inside, but somehow they are still visible. How does it works and is it possible to acheive something like that ingame?

I didn’t seen rendering code for it, but my guess is as 3D renderer works in similar way as 2D canvas drawing things on top of other drawings the arrows most likely are simply rendered last on top of scene render :slight_smile: Thru i don’t know you can do that with graphical components of actor

Well, I am actually interested in rendering DIFFERENT actors on top of others… There is also this special effect which partly greys out the gizmo which are supposed to be hidden. Very interesting, so I am really interested in how it works.

Noone knows nothing about that? :frowning: