Make lighting Inside a House darker?

I have a Desert Environment scene that has a Skylight and directional light, here is what it looks like to give you an idea:

My problem is that when I construct a house, the ambient and other lighting is making the interiors too bright. Here is what I meen:

As you can see, the interior looks very bright and it shouldn’t be! How can I make the interior of a house darker or prevent so much of the light from outside bleeding into the house?

add a lightmass portal to the doorway and add a post process volume to cover only the house then tweak the indirect lighting. Also set your lights to static and bake the lighting for better indoor lighting quality

Thanks, I’ll give this a shot and let you know the results.


If it’s baked lighting (I’m guessing it is) then I think it’s the lightmap resolution of this house! It’s not bright what you see but a random, blurred lighting result due to low resolution lightmap! By raising the lightmap resolution you should get more proper lighting information!

Hells yea! It works, thanks again! Here is the end result after building and setting my skylight and directional light to stationary: