Make a part of a static mesh invisible

In a blueprint I have 2 planes. One is obstructing the other. I want to make a progress bar by moving the obstruction plane and revealing the other plane.This would be alright but the mesh isn’t big enough to hold the obstruction plane. How can I hide a part of the obstruction plane after it leaves the mesh.


I had to do the same kind of effect but with desintegration, I followed this tutorial, if it can help

I also need to invent How to make anything inside box invisible. semi-advanced UEngine creators need to know. and its useful in games. i found i have to make extra digging to find this technique out.

i wish you magical creative moment. i wonder how you fixed the camera if you use third person Mesh with camera. i put camera moving into front of head, even if the character does animation movement that includes head. at whole internet, unreal didnt give straight solution to this at whole internet. issue where head mesh is shown in front of camera if you use camera with “third person style character mesh”, but you can make the camera move to front of head if the head moves in animation. easy. and trick with this is How you would make head only invisible to camera that looks from inside head to forward, and the head would be visible to players in easy multipliayers anyway. many need to know this.