Major - UEFN - "Duplicate hierarchy" keeps actors in the original folder

As seen below, I right-clicked Factory_T1 in the outliner and pressed “duplicate hierarchy”. However, that didn’t move all actors to Factory_T2 causing a messed up folder structure where half of the actors are in the old folder. DM me to send you the project file if you want to repro it. (18.6 MB)

Hey did you ever figure this out? Had this start happening with a project.

I just made the new folder be the default is all

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately nested folders break this. I’m depending on being able to duplicate the parent folder with all the children in the correct folders in order for all my triggers and verse devices to automatically link. If I find a solution, I will reply back.

Did you figure this out at all?

I dont know of a clean solution atm. All I do is that I press Ctrl Shift D and then Alt drag to duplicate (in scene). Really annoying atm

I am able to copy everything and keep the same hierarchy by following these steps:

  1. Select all objects including parent in the Outline
  2. Right-click and select duplicate

I get a copy of parent and inside it has it’s all children as expected.

I often use a prop as a parent

Yes that works for me too, however it would be nice if all duplication methods work, because its currently confusing that only 1/3 duplication methods are reliable, and my assumption is that its the same in UE5 too. Generally multiselection is very busted in UEFN, you cannot rect select things +obscure in viewport at all. Selection and duplication are core editor features and both are very troublesome atm

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