Major difference between Post Process scalability settings

Hey everybody.

During the past few days I have moved onto refining post processing volumes used within multiple levels. In the process of doing so I have discovered engine scalability settings. I have set them all to “epic” because I’m assuming that setting is the one I should be developing within.

However, I’m having an issue with the post processing scalability. There is a huge difference between exposure of lighting between “medium”, “high” and “epic” with medium showing a dim scene (as it was intended to be) and epic showing a scene where lights saturate the screen. Now, I could just leave the setting on medium but of course if an end user changes that to epic… there are going to be issues. Not to mention the fact lens flare doesn’t appear to work below “high”

I am aware there is another thread on here for a similar issue however the solution was not the same as I am using a post process volume and none of the variables change when scalability is altered.

I have a temporary solution which is to set exposure bias to -2 however as with the scenario above… if the player changes the setting from epic to medium, the scene will then be too dark.

Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be incredibly appreciated, thanks!