Major - Audio - Sequencer audio retriggers in Live and MM

Audio tracked in the sequencer re-triggers at certain times.

The most consistent way to trigger is to change volume settings in the menu.

This is extremely upsetting to the end user experience, it completely ruins the timing of cinematic if the player choses to adjust their volume, which is very likely to happen.

How the cinematic should play -

Continued next post due to video sizes…

The bug happening when changing volume and resizing FN -

The bug happening when ending game (not a deal breaker just janky) -

EDIT - Turning off “Slow Motion at End of Round” in experience settings got around this one, thankyou @HayleyHail for the suggestion!

The worst part about this is that I cannot reproduce the events with devices, device logic and direct binding signaling just does not hold up timing wise.

I have this new set up with triggers, timers, all sort of attempts to get it to work as well and I just get false audio fires, and bad timing at best.

Hey @Cardin , we are looking into this. Did this happen on the recent update ( just wanted to narrow down if it was working before ). Is resizing the game window part of the repro steps? Also, does this happen with adjusting ‘main’ and ‘music’ sliders ?

Yes, resizing the window causes the retrigger, as well as adjusting any of the sliders. It is intermittent however. The issue did exist prior to 24.00, as I noticed it toward the end of 23.50.

Thx Grace!

Thanks for confirming. We have a repro on our end now for this as well and are looking into it.

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Bumping to check if any progress on this. Also, Nintendo Switch loops audio when loading it and it desyncs everything with 100% repro.

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Hello Everyone, this issue is fixed and will be coming in a future release! Thank you for your patience.

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So awesome to hear thanks peeps!!!

Wooohooo! Awesome! Hopefully it also works for Switch

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Bumping again because a lot of issues affect PS5 as well, more info here (hope fix affects this because it breaks gameplay) Blocker - Cinematic Sequences issues on PS5 and Switch

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