Main Menu > PlayerState


So I have a Level which is a Main Menu…

on this main menu, I am trying to access PlayerState, so I am doing the following:

Get controller > Get Player State > Cast to TopDown PlayerState > function inside
If you ask why, Im using vaRest plugin, so I need to take the info from playerstate-

After the Cast to TopDown PlayerState, the exec goes to Cast Failed instead of Cast “ok”. The error it shows is
“Accessed None ‘K2Node_DynamicCast_AsTop_Down_Player_State’ from node -SendRequest- in graph Event Graph…”

if I print on the screen the GetController, PlayerState variable, they seem to be NOT empty, ex: TopDownController15 & PlayerState12

What could be the issue with this?

Got it to work

my MainMenuLevel in the world settings didnt have the correct playerState!