Lumen square pattern gradients

Hello, could anybody help me to explain please, why I am getting this strange square patterns in interior more dark areas? Is there any way I can fix this? Lumen lighting (sky+directional). The model is composed from closed boxes and separate objects, materials diffuse color only (no textures). Many thanks!

dark areas:

light areas:

What is the intensity of your directional light set to?


I found that I couldn’t really get decent results with Lumen going much higher than 10 lux. I reported this as an issue about a year ago, never got a response. No idea if it’s an issue actively being worked on.

Thanks Arkiras, tried your suggestion, but in my case it does not help;(

If I’m reading these github notes correctly, it just received a fix. I could be wrong about the feature they’re correcting, but this sounds like the issue you’re having.

If you’re in a spot where you can pull the engine down from source, you could do this and probably solve your problem.

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You are correct, I tested it and it seems to resolve the issue!

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hi jblackwell and thanks. I did not even know it is possible to compile from the source. Good to be beginner as there is every day something new! Updating dependencies now, lets see if I will make it…

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finally was able to run the latest ue5-main branch, issue seemed fixed, but framerate was horrible with early crash, but good to know fix is on its way

That is certainly how pulling down experimental engine versions can be, you trade instability for new features. Useful if something must be done for your project, but good to avoid if you’re shipping a playable game.