Lumen issue with scaled meshes

Hi, I’m dynamically creating the walls of a room starting from 1x1x1 cm cubes and scaling them according to a widget input (measure unit: cm). I have a directional light and a skylight(both movable) with skyatmosphere.
I’m getting this result with lumen enabled:

If I build the room with the engine default cube everything looks good:

With the screen space global illumination (beta) both the rooms look fine.
Do you have any idea about this behaviour?

I’ve had similar problem with scaling planes on the Z axis. How are you scaling your SM?

Here I demonstrate how to debug: Lumen GI is screen space? - #8 by pezzott1

This is actually addressed in the documentation for Lumen. It explicitly says that Lumen is based on import scale, so scaling your meshes significantly will cause problems.

To fix this, you need to change the mesh distance field scale to match the new scale of the object. You can check how much to adjust by using the mesh distance field visualizer.

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Ok, thanks to both of you!