Lumen and VR in UE5

Hey all, excited to see finaly UE5 come out officially. I’ve been using it for some time now, i do architectural visualizations with it. I was wondering now that UE5 is out officially, is lumen and VR compatible or not yet. Can we make VR walkthroughts with UE5 and lumen/nanite, or we still have to go with the bake lights workflow?
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It was working for me prior to the release of UE5, I haven’t tried it post release. You aren’t supposed to use it, but it did work. My advice is to try it out, see what happens.

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Lumen and Nanite are not supported for VR development.

You wouldn’t be able to get a high enough framerate to use Lumen in VR

Thanks for the reply guys! Yeah the framerate usually is around 60, but ok i can live with that for the moment. I will probably try it just to see what is the result but for production probably will do without lumen.

haha also, love the name, its from futurama am i right? :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smile:
I’m currently working on a game. The title will be Blackjack and Hookers.

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Will keep you updated! :hugs:

Lumen is really dependent on the number of lights that are visible at any one time. I did some tests in the early access version, and you can usually maintain 100+ fps in VR with a maximum of four visible lights at a time. Obviously, the type of lights and your lumen settings will affect this. Controlling the amount of rays cast, etc will improve performance.

Note that it doesn’t matter how many lights in are actually in the scene. I put 50 rect lights off in the distance, it didn’t affect performance at all as long as I didn’t go over to them. So if you’re doing an interior or something, you can have numerous lights as long as they’re spaced out properly.

You can also write a blueprint script to turn lights that are further away from you off!