Low quality textures and shades after package project

Hello, I noticed that the shadows and some textures of my game are of low quality after packaging the project, I’m not sure what happens, the first problem I had was the streaming pool size, which I had to increase to see my textures correctly in the editor, but it does not seem to affect the game after packaging and the ambient occlusion also seems to be different.
Observe the box texture and the sadows in the scene.

Thank you

The game exported

In the editor (how it should be)

In the game exported


In the editor


It looks as though the detail is completely missing within the exported version. I think lighting may be a key factor here. Maybe try and re-create the lighting from scratch? Maybe you could also re-import the textures and re-create a material instance? This video may also help you to increase your render quality Unreal Engine Tip 7 - Achieving Better Rendering Quality - YouTube.

Is your computer powerful enough to render out at the quality you want? I’m not sure what compromises the Unreal Engine makes to allow users to render with a lower end computer, but it could be a factor.

Thank you, I tried to recompile the light and the entire project, in the editor everything seems to be fine, but when I package the game still the same problem… Yes, the PC Im using to make and play the game its the same (core i5, gtx 1060, 16GB RAM) the game runs fine over 90fps.

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