Low quality in UMG


I used scene capture 2D and material for use this. I used cube and quality is high, but in my widget is really low quality.

I used size in texture render target 2d 1024x1024.

Any trick?

I don’t see the widget, or what’s supposed to be low quality.
Could you draw an arrow or something?

I agree with Jwatte. What are you referring to?

Did you take a screen capture with your computer saved it as a jpeg and are using that screen capture as a texture to use in your material for the cube?

I found solution. I need to make the same size X, Y to material too and in widget too. Then is the same quality.

It’s a render target being fed to a widget (and also set to the box on the far right). The *camera view *in the upper left corner is run-time, that’s the widget.

So yeah, squeezing a 1024x1024 into 512x512 will look OKish. But try it with 500x500 and the pixel shift will ruin it.

Can you elaborate on what you meant by “set same size X, Y to material too”? I have a 1024x1024 render target that I’m setting to a material (with the UI domain) and then applying to a UMG widget via a brush. The output quality in the widget is extremely low for some reason…

Edit: posted my own question with more details in case it’s helpful. Low quality in UMG - #6 by samuelms_1