Poor scene capture quality in UMG widget


I’m having some trouble getting a SceneCaptureComponent2D to render cleanly to a UMG widget - the end result is extremely low quality, has aliasing issues, and doesn’t seem to capture any of the emissive lighting from the actor.

Here’s the actor in 3D space (screenshot 1) and the actor in the UMG widget (screenshot 2):


And a side-by-side comparison:


You can see just how drastic the difference is.

Here’s the material for the render target:

Creating the render target and spawning the actor that owns the scene capture component:

Linking the render target and the scene capture component on spawn:


Setting the brush material in the UMG widget:

Binding the brush to our variable in the Border component:

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I’ve checked everything I can think of - I have no clue why the quality in the UMG widget is so low. This guy seems to have had the same issue, and he solved it, but I really don’t know what he meant in his “I found solution” message: Low quality in UMG - #4 by progy85


Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m having a similar issue with the widget rendering a perfectly good render target (texture 2048X2048) in material brush as a low res mess. The bottom picture is the Material, and the top is what it looks like in the character select. Even changing the image size box to 2048X2048 didn’t resolve the low resolution so I’m with you in being utterly lost in what that fellow said about scale.

Had kind of the same issue, found that using “Final Color (with tone curve) in Linear sRGB gamut” as a capture source in the scene capture component details helps a lot. Lighting still is a bit weird though, with low shadow quality