Low Distance Rendering / Lighting error

As you can see here in my renders i am getting like a black fade out - as if my skybox is not big enough.

Anyone have a fix / resolution would much appreciate it

Only light rendering error i get is

No importance volume found and the scene is so large that the automatically synthesized volume will not yield good results. Please add a tightly bounding lightmass importance volume to optimize your scene’s quality and lighting build times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Jhaessly,

This looks like you dont have reflection captures setup for your level. What you can do to resolve this is increase the influence radius of the Reflection Capture Actor to cover what you need and then place smaller ones at points that you would like more detail. Keep in mind you don’t want to place a ton of these all over place or make them larger than you need, as they can become resource heavy.

As for the error you just need to place a Lightmass Importance Volume in your level and then scale it to
cover what you need.

I highly recommend taking a look at the documentation below:



Let me know if you have any other questions about this.