Losing progress for accidently hitting the stop button

What ■■■■■■ me off, is thinking that hitting the play button when in editor, the game doesn’t save the progress, and then if i accidentally close the editor, all my work is lost, just because i forgot to hit the save button.
It happened to me twice. I have a C++ project that i am opening in debug mode from visual studio, and while debugging the code ( by inserting a break point to stop the execution), i hit the stop button from VS which made the editor close, and when i re-opened it i found out that 2 hours worth of progress are lost because i did not hit the save button in the editor. I thought that hitting the play button in the editor would be enough to save everything.
Wouldn’t it be better to apply this fix . I know there is an auto-saving mechanism available, which might be disturbing when working on a large project, which will make saving takes a long time).


You have to press save :slight_smile:

Saving on play would be a very bad thing for many other people…

Yeah i know that it is done this way so people won’t have to wait when pressing the play button in the editor. But losing progress is really frustrating. I wish there might be a method to prevent that.

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Autosave. It’s configurable

Autosave is an ok option but even still it would not kick in this situation (thankfully). I’m guessing the autosave timer pauses during gameplay.

This is more of an unfortunate accident if anything. It’s logical that you wouldn’t want the project to save the state of the world during gameplay.

If you want to stop the debugging process and keep the editor open then you must use
Debug => Detach all

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Thanks for the advice. This might be handy.

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