Looking for a runtime terrain creating plugin that uses heightmaps as input and can accept materials

Hi there!

So we are designing a world creator and we are looking for a plugin that create a terrain from a heightmap texture at runtime and accepts material(s) for painting grass, dirt and stone.
Does someone know such a plugin?
It doesnt have to be anything advanced, just something that takes a heightmap texture, and creates it in vertices for use with RuntimeMeshComponent or directly creates a mesh from it.
Then we can create tools that modify the heightmap.
It btw. doesn’t have to be for c++, a BP plugin would be fine too.


There is a plugin in the Marketplace from Isara Tech that can do it ( There is a voxel based plugin which is still in development from @Phyronnaz you should check it out: Voxel Plugin - Unreal Engine Forums

Looks nice but NOT runtime though… Try this!

Nice one @franktech . I myself will check this :slight_smile: Amazing the amount of things we discover everyday laying around!

Thanks for your reply, but like @franktech said, the first is not runtime, and the second is not really what i am looking for.

THanks for your reply, @franktech I myself also stumbled upon this, but was unable to get it work.
It seems to be able to autogenerate, but only by generation, as i was unable to found a function for heightmap loading.
But maybe i should give it another try, thanks!
Will report back on how it goes.

Also, maybe someone could give me a tip on runtime terrain editing, would it be smarter to directly alter the vertices of the terrain, or edit a 2d heightmap and convert it to 3d?


I am looking for a way to paint textures in the landscapes using code.