LogCharacter: Warning: SetBase failed! Recursion detected

Hi Guys, i’ve had this issue for awhile now and i have had no luck whatsoever fixing it. Seems to be very hard for me to pinpoint what exactly is triggering it.

I have multiple AI pawns, all based off a single c++ class, which is based off character.cpp.
Each differnt type of AI pawn is a BP, parented to this c class.
This error comes up many times. I cannot quite pinpoint what is causing it.

If you trace this back in engine code when the pawn stands on top of something? it runs setbase. This then fails with this error.
So i have tried all 3 differnt settings for the “can step up on” option, which i thought might change the results, but it does not.

Pawns are pretty standard, with a mesh, and then a collision box that overlaps only player pawns, nothing special really, from the BT, the AI picks a random navigable location from the navmesh (ie UNavigationSystemV1::K2_GetRandomReachablePointInRadius(MyController, SearchOrigin, Loc, SearchRadius)), moves to it, then picks a new one…

I am wondering, if this is something that someone has come across before? This has to be either really complex, or something simple and stupid that i have done :slight_smile:

Any ideas appreciated,

(small edit: i just wanted to add, everything seems to be working 100%, and its just coming up with the warning)

Hi Gozu,

That warning message is printed out when a character attempts to set itself as its movement base. Would it be possible for you to provide a call stack when that message is printed?

Hi Gozu,

We haven’t heard from you in a couple of days, so I’m doing to go ahead and mark this question as resolved. If you have any further information and would like to re-open the issue, feel free to do so!