Loading debug symbols for engine code with non-editor configurations

I need to debug some engine code to figure out why a component is being created IsPendingKill when created by an actor’s constructor via CreateDefaultSubobject when that actor is spawned via UWorld:SpawnActor.

When I place a breakpoint in the engine code, it’s disabled when the game starts if I run in a non-editor configuration. Tooltip says “This breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.”

I’ve downloaded the symbols for 4.15 via the UE4 library, and I’ve added the 4.15 directory to Visual Studio’s debug symbols in the tools->options->debugging->symbols menu. I’ve tried in debuggame and development. I can see the symbols loading when the project starts up, but the breakpoints are still disabled with the above message.

Oddly, DebugGame Editor and Development Editor both seem to work. Unfortunately, they also both hide the engine globals (of which the IsPendingKill flag is one) and I can’t find them, so I need to use DebugGame or Development.

Is there any way to get the symbols to load for engine files for non-editor configurations?

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editor symbols wont work with runtime since it’s diffrent configuration and editor machine code does not fit to editor build symbols. I not sure if runtime symbols are avable to download, if not you will need to compile runtime engine from source

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Blech. Well, thanks for the info.