Load level without level streaming

This is for Archviz.
I want to load separate apartments, from one persistent level, but
I don’t want all the rooms in one single map (persistent + sub level steaming) ,
This ruins all the light maps and light baking.

How can I load one persistent level, and all the other connected levels but keeping them as separate maps.
So I can go from one apartment to the next without any delays, but also retaining their unique lightmass and lighting.

Have you looked into using the Lighting Scenarios feature? Precomputed Lighting Scenarios | Unreal Engine Documentation


So you should be able to have level streaming and static lighting. Just bake the lighting with all the levels turned on. Then you should be able to load and unload them no problem. All the static lighting is stored in the persistent level and away you go. But i guess you could have lights from some apartments you don’t want affecting other ones.

You can also use lighting scenarios to achieve what you want depending on your situation.

Lighting Scenarios are blank levels that hold different light setups.

Typically this is used to swap between different light settings for different times of day.

One lighting scenario contains lights for Daytime… the other for night time etc.


see in the Levels interface here there is the little Sun icon. That means you have said this is a Lighting Scenario

So for each apartment. Create a separate lighting scenario level for each one. Bake each apartment separately while it’s lighting scenario is turned on. Lighting data will automatically be stored in the currently active scenario.

When you play the game just stream/make visible the right lighting scenario at the same time as you do the apartment. (remembering to turn off the other lighting scenario first with unload level or “Set Level Visibility” )

You could also have multiple lighting scenarios for the same level/group of levels too. Just move your lights into the lighting scenario… set up lighting for daytime. Duplicate lighting scenario level. Set up lights for night time. Bake each separately. Now you have Day and Night lighting set ups for your apartments.

Thank you for all the options… I am figuring it out better now.
I will try them out and see which suits me best.