Lit translucent material doesnt light in split screen

i have a lit transparent water material with a lighting mode of surface translucency volume that works fine in single player but brakes in split screen. it looks as if the lighting only works when its in the field of view of the first player.

Single Player:

Split Screen:

notice the dark area in the water on the bottom screen, this will move based on where player one looks.
if this is a limitation of unreal4 would be great to know as ill have to look for an unlit water solution and if not ill just wait on a fix.


Any word on this?

Hello r8ivy,

If you would please link a screenshot of your material and how you have this set up. I just created a Default Lit Translucent material. I then applied that to two planes. I then added another actor to be added on play that will create the split screen. I then played this in both PIE and a standalone game and In both viewports I did not see any noticeable issue with the material.