Listen server authority

I’ve been looking for explanation on what ListenServer means in Unreal and it left me confused.

Does Listen Server means - a client that also behaves as a server (and it would return “Authority” and not “Remote” when checking “Switch has authority”)? Or is it a client and server both running on the same machine, each with it’s own game instance where client is “Remote” and server is “Authority”?

So basically, If I play a multiplayer game with “Number Of Players” property set to 2, and I connect to Listen Server, does my “opponent” runs server code or client code as well?

There are two types of servers: listen and dedicated. A dedicated server does not run the game graphically and just handles calculations. A listen server is where you are the server, host the game and also play it on the same machine.

Hi ,

As far as I know, a listen server means a client that also behaves as a server.

You can test that by launching a cooked listen server project : you will only have one process

Thank you! I appreciate both of your answers!

So, listen server is client + server. If I understood right, whatever server changes will change “listen server’s client” (if I may say that) since only one process exists?