Line trace to get static mesh instance?

I’ve been able to get hit results against individual instances of an Instanced Static Mesh Component, but I’m having trouble bridging the gap which identifies an instance with both it’s index and it’s transform from the hit results.
How would I need to set up my blueprint in order to distinguish which instance has been hit?

Here’s a video showing my current setup, and what it’s doing: Instanced Static Mesh (Hit Testing/Picking) - YouTube

Hi Michael,

When you break the Hit Result around 1:52, you can see there’s something called Hit Item. For InstancedStaticMeshes that returns the index of the instance that was hit. That should be much easier than trying to find it based on the transform!

Version 4.9 adds some more blueprint functionality to allow you to find instances overlapping spheres, and also to allow you to blueprint the component class used by the foliage tool.



What about simulation-based collision events? Any chance to get the Item ID for those?