Lights not building right?

Im making a low poly scene and made some jack o lanterns with lights in them as seen here:

So I have the little “Preview” because i haven’t built the lighting yet. Once I build the lighting I get this:


I dot want it to look like the second picture after I build the geometry and lighting. I like the glow in the pumkins and the light coming from them on the ground. Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?

Hi there!
Are the lights set to stationary and geo set to static? You made sure this is not a lightmap issue?
Stationary Light Overlap looks fine? Are you receiving any errors?

You need to use a convexity map, it is a pink and whit texture, and you need to sett the material in lit like this:

I’m fairly new to lighting in UE4 but I didn’t receive any errors.

Where would I apply this material? I’m Slightly confused I am fairly new to lighting in UE4

the Ambient Oculus texture give you the colors for your object the convexity map will give you the light, you need to make the convexity map and make it white where you want light to show.
try whit this texture on a cube if you want:

you conect the convexity map and a vector 3 to a multiplayer, then conect it to Emissive color.
like in the image I send you.

If I get you right you want to make the inside of the pumpkin emissive? It’s a work around, but will probably not fix the lighting issue outside of the pumpkin.

Well if you do not know what lightmaps are then you should probably first have a look how baked lighting works in unreal.

I recommend to have a look at these documents, maybe you find out what your problem is. Otherwise I recommend that you upload your project, or show some pictures of your light properties or the lightmass world settings. Otherwise dignosis will be impossible.

I put a point light inside the pumpkin and I wanted that to be the light.