Lights casting different shadows

As the two images below shows, I have four equal stationary spot lights (only difference are light intensities, and I have checked that this is not the culprit) shining light down towards the boxing mat. On the mat itself, the ropes are casting shadows of different intensities. The bottom and left side shadows are stronger than the top and right side.

This can also be seen on the shadows of the red and blue characters. Their top and right side shadows are fine, but the bottom shadow is barely visible, and the left side does not cast a shadow at all.

Could I be doing something wrong or missing some kind of setting?

I guess to fix it you could copy a light that has correct shadows and replace others with this one. If this doesnt fix it then its a global setting or bug.I cant explain why you have this case as i know too little about lighting in unreal. Maybe someone else can pinpoint what goes wrong.

Haha wow can’t believe I didn’t think of doing that. If I dont get an official fix for this, which it doesnt seem like I will, I’ll take your suggestion and see what happens! Thanks!