Lightning Setup for VR Scene

I’m looking for advice on how to setup my lightning best for a VR scene.

The scene is composed out of a landscape, several static meshes and two skeletal meshes, one casting its shadow onto the other (=player/character).
Currently everything is setup using a movable directional as sun & a skylight.
The sun is supposed to move over time so one can see the shadow of the skel mesh move on the character.

So far so good.
Now I need to optimize this scene to run smoothly with an Oculus Rift DK2.
Dynamic lightning is a huge performance killer and I want to get rid of it if possible.
But switching to a static lightning scene doesn’t work either as the moving shadow and self shadowing of the character are quite important.
Shadow movement of static meshes or landscape are not important.

Is there a way to get a partially static (everything but the skel meshes) and partially dynamic (only skel meshes) shadow scene somehow or do you have other suggestions on how to optimize this?


Stationary Light is two lights in one. This light used for build Lightmap and for lighting movable objects.
But if you plan lighting in day-night mode, you must use only movable lights. Because with Lightmap you can not get dynamic lighting. Lightmap is snapshot of current lighting.