Lightning is obliquely

Hey guys,
i just started with ue4 and tried to create my first room. Now i wanted to put lights on the upside of the room and tried to change to source radius and length, so that it looks like a neon lamp (like this [Click here][1])… But the lights are just obliquely and i can’t figure out why… Hope you can help me,
thank you in advantage!

Hey ,
Thanks for your fast answer. But i’m very new in this stuff… Could you maybe help me with one light, so I can learn it? I know what you mean, but I am to bad to do it in UE4… Sorry for the circumstances.


Hello DreamblocksTV,

For something like this you might want to try using spotlights. This would allow you to have a direction for the light to emit. This way you can control the direction, attenuation, and the source radius and length without the excess fill light.

I have set up a test to illustrate what I mean. What I have done is set up a cube and placed a spot light inside. I changed the spotlights properties. I will post a screenshot to show the changes I made. I then created a cube with an emissive material. This material does not emit light of it’s own but it will serve to simulate the light source.

The reason I am using a spot light is the control over the Inner and Outer Cone angle. This allows me to give gradual falloff and will give a direction for the light it emits to travel.

I will also link you to our documentation on spot lights so you can research it’s unique properties.

Thanks a lot!! Appreciate what you did there :slight_smile: But I have an other question too… Everytime I’m lighting out a room, there are diagonal “reflection”… I just dont get it, why they are there…

If you have any separate questions please open another thread and provide all information necessary to help solve the issue. IE, Light details and it’s values. The lightmap resolution of your walls and your lightmap UV layouts would also help.

We handle issues per question basis and if you have a separate question we ask that you please open a new thread.