Lightning buggs?

when I try to light my room, I get these diagonal shadows, that shouldnt be there, logically…

I just dont know, why they are diagonal… The settings of the lamp are just default setting (i’m new in ue4, so i am not using most of the settings :') )

If you need any more infos, just comment it and where i can find them… :S #new
thanks a lot!

Nobody? :frowning:

Hello DreamblockTV,

Please refrain from bumping your question. All issues reported by the community are handled in the order in which they are received.

I ran a test using a BSP box brush and a point light. I added only one light to the inside of the box and did not change any of it’s properties. Afterward, I built lighting at the production settings and this was the result.

I was unable to reproduce issue in my test. I have a few questions to help clarify this issue.

1.) Will you link me a copy of your DxDiag(SystemSpecs)
2.) Is this the only light within the room you took a screenshot of?
3.) If you set the material to the default checkerboard for all of the walls and floor does this still happen?
4.) Are you building your lightmass at production?
5.) If you open a new project and put a single light and BSP box do you still see the diagonal shadows?

After I have this information I will continue to investigate this issue further.

Hey, thanks for your answer. I found a resolution. I used a normal map of the wall-texture for the normal value in the material. Unchecked this, and everything is normal. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: