Lightmass Vertex Lighting

How do you enable per-vertex lightmass bakes for specific objects? In UE3, you could just set the lightmap resolution to 0, but that doesn’t work in Rocket (lowest is goes is 4).

There are no more vertex lightmaps in UE4, only texture lightmaps. Do you have a use case where vertex lightmaps would have been better than texture lightmaps? Can you share what that is, so we can think about alternate solutions?

Vertex lightmaps are big time savers in the right situations. Sometimes you have a mesh that is very complex and would be time consuming to unwrap properly for lightmaps. Often times complicated meshes are dense enough to support vertex lightmaps, and it would be convenient to be able to take advantage of vertex lightmaps in these situations.

I agree with James.Ordner

Vertex lighting is especially handy for trees. Lightmap is just so bad for them. i’m sure no one wants their trees to have black spots everywhere.

Thanks for the info

It adds more work to create UVs for lightmaps, and sometimes on certain projects…the added lighting quality isn’t worth that kind of work. So I’d like to be able to turn it on if possible. But I understand that lightmaps are still better.