Lightmass GI support in UE5


While Lumen introduces new level of quality, there are certain cases where it is not appropriate or at least not fully functional yet. Assuming that some of the older lighting solutions were removed I wonder if Lightmass GI will be fully supported in UE5?
CPU Lightmass GI was hidden in UE5 (only accessible through config). Is it deprecated? I didn’t find any information about its deprecation in documentation. I know that there is GPU Lightmass available as a plugin but the feature is still in beta.

So is Lightmass still going to be a viable solution in UE5?

I received some answers from different source, but maybe this would be of a particular interest for someone else.

UE version 4.27 is going to be the last version of UE4.
Lightmass GI is not deprecated, but GPU one eventually should replace CPU, so CPU Lightmass GI can be treated as deprecated one.

What? Works fine for me without having to edit config… Lumen is enabled by default which disables all lightmaps though.

GPU lightmass isn’t really near feature parity with CPU lightmass yet and has some pretty significant issues. I expect Epic will have to maintain CPU lightmass at least for a while, if only because GPU lightmass requires a raytracing capable GPU and there’s a bit of a hardware supply problem…